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When we are not representing you in court we are creating information and education that will help keep you out of court. We believe it is better to work proactively when it comes to complying with the many laws and regulations that govern our industry. We provide our clients with a comprehensive set of resources designed to address every apartment industry issue.

To that end we help property managers at each community build a complete apartment industry toolkit. This toolkit not only contains information on important laws, but provides seminars and training exercises so that each apartment community will be able to develop skills, policies and practices that are in compliance. Each of our programs has a custom designed resource guide that includes all the key information covered in the program. Each workshop can be delivered in 30 minutes, an hour, half or full-day program.

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Too much work, too little time.
By allowing each community to create writs and satisfactions, print forms and read relevant legal articles, you and your team can do this work on your schedule, not ours.


To schedule a seminar, workshop or for more information please contact our office via telephone at (602) 957-7877 or via e-mail at or visit our web site at

New Staff Member Orientation: Staff turnover is a way of life in the apartment industry and we help bring your new staff up to speed on the important issues by staying in touch with each client apartment community so that we can identify, meet, train and orient all new property managers to the way the apartment industry is run in Arizona and help them understand the laws that impact our industry.

Fair Housing: We suggest that all staff complete a Fair Housing training each year presented by one of our qualified staff members or one of the following Fair Housing courses on the internet:

Grace Hill, Inc. -
Call Source -
National Apartment Association -
Clark & Walker, Attorneys at Law -

Current Apartment Industry issues Identity theft, Fair Housing, Mold, Meth Labs, illegal immigration and use of criminal checks are just a few of the current issues the firm monitors on a regular basis. Invite our staff to present this 30-minute program at your next managers meeting so your team can be up-to-date on these and other current issues.

Arizona Landlord Tenant Law: Ideal for staff members at every level. Understanding your Rights and obligations under this law can speed difficult evictions and can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Understanding Your Lease: Understanding the important provisions of your lease agreement can make a great difference in the eviction proceedings against difficult residents. Understanding the Rights and obligations each provision creates can save months of unpaid rent and attorneys fees. This seminar walks your staff through the lease.

Arizona A-Z pamphlet and seminar: Everything you will need to know about how to operate a residential rental property in Arizona. This program is being designed in conjunction with our "new" property manager orientation program, but can also be delivered as a 1-3 hour seminar for owners groups, management companies and associations interested in this topic.

Preventative Law Seminar and Booklet: Currently under construction.

Apartment Industry Law Book and forms: While all these forms can be found on our website many clients wanted hard copy for their offices. So, the attorneys in our firm created this book which contains all the forms (up-to-date) and instructions of how to handle various landlord tenant filings. Each community is provided this law book and updates are regularly sent to each apartment community to keep their book up-to-date. For your copy please send an e-mail to

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Proud Member & Sponsor

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